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Sally Ann Toothpaste's Orange Cream Toothpaste



NEW PRODUCT COMING SOON!   Wow…wait until you taste Sally Ann Toothpaste’s wonderful flavors! They are Bubbly Bubblegum Flavor, Tropical Uppercut-Tropical Flavor, Strawberry Smoothie-Strawberry, Honey, Banana Flavors, Grape Soda-Grape Flavor, Orange Cream-Orange & Vanilla Flavor, Cocoa Bananza-Chocolate & Banana Flavor, Cheer'y Peppermint Candy-Cherry & Peppermint, and B'Razzle-Blueberry, Blackberry & Raspberry Flavors.

We have ingredients that help fight the germs inside your mouth cavity and will leave you with a great after taste.   


All Natural - Non Fluoride Toothpaste - Fully Oxygenated  

Size:  Net WT 3 OZ Tube

Ingredients: Oxygenated water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut oil, Baking soda, Stevia Leaf Extract, Coral Calcium, Bentonite Clay Powder, Tea Tree oil, and Silver.